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This course is a semester survey class that introduces the academic language of the visual arts and explores a variety of artistic themes and skill sets. Students are introduced to basic drawing, painting and composition (2-dimensional work). Portfolio progress is evaluated on originality, craftsmanship, level of difficulty; skill set growth and overall productivity.  Classroom progress is evaluated on use of time, productivity, adherence to unit objectives/ criteria, and upon students’ willingness to consider new ideas or learn new skills. Written work and class participation account for 20% of grade. Units must be completed to earn full credit. Independent contracts must be cleared with counselor and followed completely to earn full credit.

Texts: “Art in Focus”, 4th edition (Glencoe)


This course explores the elements of art through the medium of digital photography. Students learn the technical and artistic aspects of photography, including the basics of digital retouching and editing in Adobe Photoshop. Topics of this course also include the history of photography, how to analyze the work of others, ethics of digital imagery, and practical applications of photography as a profession. Curriculum is designed to meet TUSD Visual/Performing Arts requirement; and A-G requirements for those students sequentially enrolled for one school year.

Text: Focus on Photography by Davis Publications