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  • Geosciences

    Geosciences engages’ students in the study of the earth and the earth's place in the universe by focusing on important concepts in geology, earth history, meteorology, physical oceanography and astronomy. The course gives students an understanding of how California's oceans, weather patterns, and geology impact the state and national society and economy. Course objectives focus on the California State Science Content Standards and apply the skills and techniques outlined in the Investigation and Experimentation Strand of the Content Standards, which includes copious integration of chemistry, physics, biology, and artistic expression. Text: Mathematics: Earth Science, California Edition (Prentice Hall)

  • Biology

    Biology is designed to be the introductory life science course for Roselawn High School students. Biology is a survey course, covering the study of living organisms. Areas of study include scientific measurement, introductory biological chemistry, cell anatomy and physiology, the structure and function of major groups of organisms, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Text: Biology, California Edition (Holt)